The visions behind my work

CHRISTINE CANDOLIN / Thoughts behind my work

I have been working with installations since the early 1980:s.
 Scientific research, such as neuroscience, biology and the Science of Mind; the postmodernistic onthological and episthemolgical studies of perception and interpretetion of the world have become the main inspiration and resource behind my work

Evolution of the human mind, especially the interconnectedness of matter and mind and the emergent properties connected to this, are the important constituents of my studies, and can be seen as allegorical reflections in my work. In 2008 I showed the three room installation called “Matter & Light “ at the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki. In this exhibition I studied the concepts of matter, thought and meaning, combined with the ideas of the evolution of the human mind. Here I also used the phenomenological tool of meditation as one of the constituent components of the exhibition.

The postmodern research of cognition and seeing is a very relevant part of my work. The phenomenological, 1st-person experience , has recently regained great interest and haseven become an object to the neuro-scientic research. The famous European thinker and philosopher, Maurice Merleau-Ponty has written about phonomenology in his books; Phenomenologie de la Perception , already in 1945, and Le Visible et l´invisible in 1964. These concepts have not widely been accepted as a part of scientific research, and have only lately been “rediscovered”.

I’m often assembling my installations to fill several rooms, so that the subject matter can be sensed through the connotations of the combined materials, form, and thought.
 Some of the materials I use have a transient character, like water, breeze, light, grease, and pigment powders. But also stones, steel, glass and other reflecting materials are often parts of the installations. I prefer to create installations in which beauty combines with austerity, energy and thought.

With Merleau-Ponty´s words: to reveal that which is, will be a never-ending task both for the philosopher and the artist

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