The videoinstallation !WATER! 2013 / Norrbotten Museum Luleå, Sweden at the X-Border international art Biennial 2013

Installation with water- bottles, video projection, vibration&sound. Length 9m Height 3.20m

The installation is a comment to the exploitation of our common basic resource and the prerequisite for all life; water. Is it ethically right to raise profit by bottling water in regions with scarce water resources combined to poor development in democracy? It is well documented, how inhabitants have been robbed of their water resources in Africa, India, Pakistan,  etc., when multinational water corporations  have operated there to gain maximum profit. Is it right that these poor people ,-who used to own their water ,- are now forced to buy it from this corporation?  This might well mean one less meal a day for their children.   See document:

Bottled Life documentary website

The installation !WATER!, detail

The installation !WATER!, detail

The installation !WATER! , detail

The installation !WATER! , detail

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